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formerly the Church House Deaneries Group

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About the The National Deaneries Network
( formerly the Church House Deaneries Group)

The National Deaneries Nerwork consists of a group of enthusiasts for the life, work and development of deaneries within the Church of England. It aims both to stimulate local and national consideration of the developing role of the deanery and facilitate a national network of information about deanery thinking and initiatives.

The members have a strong and on-going conviction about the importance and relevance of the Deanery with its enormous mission potential in today's Church of England.

Our Mission

The National Deaneries network aims to


stimulate thought on the potential and developing role of the deanery


encourage the exchange of information about ideas and deanery initiatives, and to further the mission opportunities of deaneries.

These aims are furthered by


 providing a National Conference every two years the first one of which was held in 1988


working on research projects


writing papers and booklets - published through the link with the Deanery Resource Unit of Parish and People Publications.

The National Deaneries Network is independent and receives no financial support. The members who meet four times at Church House, therefore, pay their own expenses.

Members of the group include Rural Deans, Lay Chairs, General Synod members, Diocesan Development Officers and others in senior diocesan roles.

Have you got news?

If you have suitable items of news, details of events or deanery initiatives that would be of interest to others involved in deanery/parish support email them to .

Contact Information

 0191 266 1921
Postal address
The Vicarage,  Station Road, Benton, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE12 8 AN
Electronic mail
General Information:

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